On December 11, 2013 at 03:00PM Angel Said…

1) How Google gets search information: Google uses a bot, Think of of the bot as a little man whose job is to walk every road everywhere and write down what it sees. Only Google’s little man does this with the internet. It follows every single link on the internet and keeps notes on what it sees and sends it’s note to a bunch of little guys who file it away these are the equivalent of team of secretaries keeping & organizing records.

2) How Google gives you information: You go to Google and type in a word or phrase. This is equivalent to you going to an office of records and telling them you need a specific record. So the front desk person then talks to the secretary team & tells them what you’re looking for. In turn the secretarial team runs around and finds any records that might possibly be what your after and gives it back the front desk who then shows you what they came up with. You get to look through the results and pick the one you find most relevant.

3) How the MPAA, RIAA and other Big Media Want Google to work: They want to make Google only show you what they think you should see. In other words they want to censor the internet. SOPA would have helped do this, PIPA would have as well. Right now behind closed doors the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP is being negotiated behind closed doors and will also help push this agenda.

So if you want to keep a free and Open internet, write to your politicians and let them know how you feel. The internet was built upon the idea of sharing knowledge & information and left unchecked there are many government authorities who want to end that openness.

Piracy can not ever be completely stopped however it is possible to compete with free. If the companies that were spending millions hunting “pirates” would instead invest in building a better way to reach their audiences with easy to use legal methods then the number of people who pirated would go down. Playing whack-a-mole is nothing more than a waste of time, energy and money.

This post brought to you by my own mind……lol

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