On January 06, 2014 at 03:45PM Angel Said…

These are exactly the types of thing Net Neutrality Laws Prevent on regular internet. Allowing the ISP to “Double Dip” Does not encourage competition it stifles it down to only those who can afford to pay the tax.  As customers we need to make our service providers know that they need to remain dumb pipes because that is what they are. All this crap (Data caps, Charging websites to reach customers, cutting people off the internet), it’s all about making money and nothing more. Internet in the U.S. is shitty and it’s shitty because our ISP’s refuse to upgrade their infrastructure all the while wanting to charge us more for less. You might think this doesn’t effect you, but it will. Time Warner cable throttles both the connections for Netflix & Youtube, if you experience buffering when trying to watch either, it’s because they are purposely limiting your connection, preventing you from watching High Def videos on line.


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