On June 14, 2014 at 08:21PM Mark Said…

Yeah Yeah Yeah I have heard it before….”Oh Back in Black is sooo awesome. Best Brian Johnson era album ever blah blah fuckin blah.” Well sorry I don’t agree. Flick of the Switch to me is by far the best one. It doesn’t have a catchy little top 40 friendly diddy on it like “You shook me all night long” which is probably why it didn’t have the same success of B&B but that’s fine for me. I don’t judge albums by album sales. If I did then I would believe that Def Leppard’s best album was Hysteria which most surely isn’t by a fucking mile. Pyromania kicked that albums ass. But back to FotS. Every song on this album just fucking rocks. Hit play and CRANK THAT MUTHA UP!!!!!!!!

“I want you to hear me out there
this is for all you bad boys
this a story of the satan rock ‘n’ roll”

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