On July 21, 2014 at 11:18PM Angel Said…

So we drove out to Mcklusky Chevrolet to look at a car we had scheduled a test drive for. We get there only to find the car had been sold. So since we had made the trip we decided to see what we might qualify for. Well it’s obviously going to take a while and it’s late and we’re both hungry so we decide we’re just going to leave. We get back out to our car, and it won’t start. We noticed not even the dash lights are coming on. So we figure the battery is dead and we ask for a jump. We get the car started and pull out of the car lot. we get about 1/4 mile down the road only to have it die again. A guy behind us was nice enough to push us off the road into a nearby parking lot. I call my dad, and he says he can come out. He drives out and brings his tools. They mess with the battery and give it a jump and it starts again, but it won’t stay started. So they pull the battery out and he drives us down the road to a nearby Walmart. We buy a battery ($80.00) and bring it back. They get it in the car and it starts right up.. THANK GOODNESS For My AWESOME Dad. He followed us home and things are fine. What a freaking night. Anyway I’m just glad it’s over

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