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Eight years ago or so we had cable, when we had it, I never watched the news. I found it depressing. Aside from the weather almost everything on the news was a depressing story about something bad that had happened, might happen or was going to happen. Watching it just brought me down. When My husband lost his job and became long term unemployed we cut down on our bills by getting rid of cable. It was probably the best decision we ever made, to this day we don’t miss it at all. Having the internet I’m still able to keep up on current events and If I want to I can always watch streaming news, but I rarely do. I read my news. I use an RSS reader (feedly) and subscribe to the news that interests me. Everyday I read new articles about Tech, local events, gaming, and I even subscribe to some cooking blogs to get new recipes.

What I really enjoy about reading my news instead of watching it are viewing the comments of people. Being able to engage in conversations with people who are interested in the same things as I am really adds to the experience. You don’t get that on television. Of course there are the occasional “trolls” but for the most part what you get is a wide variety of opinions on the topic at hand.

The other thing I like about reading my news, is that It’s curated to me. I don’t have to sit through sports news (something I have absolutely no interest in) to get the information I actually want to hear. So yeah these are the reason I prefer to read my news, over watching it on television. #cordcutter #Life  
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