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Every director needs a ruthless editor. Here's the 3-hour The Hobbit movie that Peter Jackson should have made. This cut restores the original plot of the Tolkien book and removes all the added characters and the inserted foreshadowing of The Lord of the Rings that wasn't in the book.


"After about 312 new edits and cuts and almost 5 hours removed from the trilogy, this single film combines the three Peter Jackson movies into one immense epic that accurately tells the story of Bilbo", Killstein, aka FunnyPuzzle, writes, "while maintaining what new ideas and battles have been implanted in Jackson's retelling (such as the Battle of the Five Armies containing orcs instead of goblins)."

"Scenes aren't always simply removed, sometimes they are repositioned or sometimes specific elements are taken out or added in for coherency or pacing".

Now There’s A Three-Hour Cut Of The Hobbit Trilogy
Just in case a four-hour version of an eight-hour trilogy was still too long for you, professional video editor David Killstein has now gone and made an even more drastic cut of Peter Jackson’s overblown Hobbit adaptation.

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