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Pretty much exactly as I predicted… The top-two primary system has elected a moderate in a heavily-Republican district. And as we have seen for several years since the system was also instituted in California, replacing radical dems and goppers with moderates in both parties.
………"Newhouse’s victory over Didier in Yakima may be the clearest evidence yet that a top-two primary system can work to marginalize, rather than incentivize, the political fringe."

Just as they did a century ago, the Pacific Coast states are leading the way in rejecting narrow partisanship and the cheats of the political caste, eliminating gerrymandering and making parties far less important as districts vote more for individuals who speak to voters like grownups, instead of sheep, to be whipped up with fear.


What Washington State Can Teach Us About Gridlock In ‘The Other Washington’
Central Washington’s sleepy Yakima Valley, perhaps best known as the nation’s top producer of hops and apples, is a safely Republican region. But it may have also quietly produced the most intrigui…

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