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You know what I tell them? I want to stay in our city and see Ukrainian soldiers, tanks and vehicles moving along our streets. I want to see our city liberated of this “DNR” evil; I want to see blue and yellow flags everywhere. By the way, neither my relatives nor my close friends took part in the “referendum” and no one voted for the “DNR”. Our conscience is clear before our Motherland. My family and I believe that the mere idea of having a “referendum” and wanting to break up our country is totally unacceptable… and to make matters worse, so is the whole idea of joining eastern Ukraine to Russia. A lot of people think like me. Don’t believe that 80% voted for the “DNR”!

Letter from Donetsk to a Ukrainian soldier
(original version-Ed.) Hello dear stranger, my soldier so close and dear to my heart! I don’t know who you really are – an infantry soldier, a reconnaissance expert, an artilleryman, a tank command…

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