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Was watching the anime Fate Stay Night. My fav character Archer was speaking to Emiya in regards to fighting for yourself and your beliefs/desires etc vs fighting for someone else's. Pretty fuckin deep shit. Just felt like posting it.

"If your desire is to fulfill the ideal of not hurting anyone,
Then do as you wish.
But only if that desire is truly yours.

If you fight of your own freewill,
any resulting crime or punishment is of your own making.
Accepting them is a part of that ideal.
But if that desire was borrowed from another,
the ideals you uphold are mere fantasies.
There must be a reason for fighting.
But that reason must never be an ideal.

If you fight for an ideal, you can only save ideals.
That doesn't entail helping others.
A reason to fight is the desire to save something.
At the very least, it is for you.
Right Emiya Shirou?
But salvation by the hands of another is not salvation.
Such salvation is like money.
When used, it passes into another's hand.

It's true that you can probably achieve your wish to save others.
But there's no hope of saving yourself in doing so.
You will repeat the cycle until you die,
still clinging to ideals that are not your own.

That's why your ideals are meaningless.
Nothing comes of helping others.
In the end, you can save neither others nor yourself.
A lie of a life."
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