On August 13, 2015 at 04:02PM Angel Said…

Over the years I have dealt with so much pain. My life has never been easy and I was never afforded an easy path. Many years of abuse both mental and physical could have been my undoing. I could have given up, and so many times I have wanted to. I could have walked away and a few times I tried, but I learned that I can’t walk away from me. So I swallowed my tears and I learned a healthier way to deal with all the hurt and pain. In so many ways I’m still learning how to heal from it. But one thing I can say is that here and now today I’m moving forward. I’m taking steps to make me better and not because I want to prove anything to anyone but because I deserve it. I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be healthy and I deserve to have the things I’m willing to work for.
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