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The Newly Discovered Tablet V of the Epic of Gilgamesh
Quote from the article
The tablet dates back to the Neo-Bablyonian period. It is a part of tablet V of the Epic. It was acquired by the Museum in the year 2011 and Dr. Farouk Al-Raw transliterated it. It was written as a poem and this version has added many new things, for example Gilgamesh and his friend met a monkey.

The new T.1447 tablet, according to the article Back to the Cedar Forest: The beginning and end of Tablet V of the Standard Babylonian Epic of Gilgameš published in June, 2014 is:

• The revised reconstruction of Tablet V yields text that is nearly twenty lines longer than previously known.
• The obverse (columns i-ii) duplicates the Neo-Assyrian fragments which means the Epic tablet can be placed in order and used to fill in the gaps between them. It also shows the recension on Tablet V was in Babylonia, as well as Assyria and that “izzizūma inappatū qišta” is the same phrase that other tablets being with.
• The reverse (columns v-vi) duplicates parts of the reverse (columns iv-vi) of the late Babylonian tablet excavated at Uruk that begins with the inscription “Humbāba pâšu īpušma iqabbi izakkara ana Gilgāmeš”.
• The most interesting piece of information provided by this new source is the continuation of the description of the Cedar Forest:
• Gilgamesh and Enkidu saw ‘monkeys’ as part of the exotic and noisy fauna of the Cedar Forest; this was not mentioned in other versions of the Epic.
• Humbaba emerges, not as a barbarian ogre, and but as a foreign ruler entertained with exotic music at court in the manner of Babylonian kings. The chatter of monkeys, chorus of cicada, and squawking of many kinds of birds formed a symphony (or cacophony) that daily entertained the forest’s guardian, Humbaba.
• The aftermath of Gilgamesh and Enkidu’s slaying of Humbaba is now better preserved.
• The passages are consistent with other versions and confirm what was already known. For example, Enkidu had spent some time with Humbaba in his youth.

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Here is a link to a video (not in English) https://youtu.be/tl1zlHJnpKc

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The newly discovered tablet V of the Epic of Gilgamesh
Osama Shukir Mohammed Amin reveals the importance of a newly discovered tablet V of the Epic of Gilgamesh featuring additional parts about the Cedar Forest.

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