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I'm an open book, I share my life and stories about my life in the hopes that it will help others who might be dealing with some of the things I've dealt with. Those who are my friends, those who know me, know this about me and I appreciate that you're in my life.

From time to time you may see posts from me that seem rather personal, that is not done without forethought. I spent a great many years teaching myself, learning about myself and learning to love myself. Learning how to be a healthy adult did not come easy for me since I had to learn how to be one on my own.

So these posts, as well as the fact that I have shared my entire autobiography on my blog, have not been done without much forethought. They were done because in looking back over the past 40 years of my life I realized that if my experience could help others and somehow lessen the pain of what I felt then sharing that information was important and because of that I choose to share it with the world.
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