On November 25, 2017 at 06:07PM Kenzie Said…

I’m so annoyed at the fact that I work so hard get I get terrible time slots when I play, now with that said YES I am thankful that I get to play but I spend so many hours promote my heart out for shows I’m playing and music I’m making, yet I’m slowly realizing it’s not about that anymore it’s about who you know, the reason why this even upsets me is the fact that people who might not know me will never get to hear me, or in some cases I have people who work late, so they can never make it in time, the point is I want that one shot just ONE to prove that I can bring a Big crowd, ROCK IT, and have everyone have a good time, maybe one day I’ll get that shot until then I guess I have to stay on my grind,
– Tekknatron

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