Having a good teacher pays off

College clip art
College clip art

At the beginning of the semester, I somehow mixed up my schedule for my seven week pre-algebra class and ended up in the Tuesday/Thursday class instead of the Monday/Wednesday class. The teacher invited me to stay since I had missed my first class, telling that she would cover the same things. By the end of the class I knew I wanted to stay in her class. She was a good teacher, and I connected with her. So I asked if I could join her class and she agreed. Due to the schools being closed from bad weather and things I was three classes in before the change actually went through, and it took those changes going through before I had access to papers I needed to print and homework online. But I finally got it all straightened out. Keep in mind that I hate math, I’ve always been terrible with it, and this class was no exception and I really struggled. Well we took our finals yesterday and all my grades finally came in. I passed the class with a “B” (86%) That is astounding to me. I never, not even in high school, did that well in a math class. I’m proud of myself. I hoped for a at least a “C”, so to be getting a “B” is amazing. My teacher was a great teacher. She really knew how to explain things, and she never made you feel like you were dumb if you couldn’t figure it out, she just sat down and figured it out with you. Having a good teacher definitely pays off.

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