Homelessness is apparently on the rise…

News Clip Art
News Clip Art

Last night as Mark and I were parked in front of the T.V. relaxing, we were wandering through YouTube and I was recommended a  video from KOMO 4 a Seattle news channel called “Seattle is dying“. Apparently since we moved away the homeless problem has become particularly egregious there. This reminded me of previous news I had read about here in Cincinnati about a homeless problem.

I’m willing to bet these homeless problems which are apparently on the rise everywhere actually represents the reality of the economy unlike what the media presents as representative which would be how well Wall Street is doing. Business doing well in no way tells use how everyday people are doing, especially when those business have the ability to do stock buy backs and inflate their own worth through those buy backs.

I also think the rise of homelessness is representative of the growing opiate crisis we have here in this country.  But until this country decides to start treating addicts for the medical crisis they are in instead of locking them up in jail we’re going to continue to have problems in my opinion.


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