Sprint Scam Calls

Smart Phone Clip Art
Smart Phone Clip Art
Today I got a call on my phone. The caller ID showed up as Sprint and it was a recording telling me that My sprint account had been suspended and to press 2 to speak with someone. I hung up and immediately after hanging up I received a pop up on my phone telling me I had been contacted by sprint. The whole thing looked pretty convincing.
Well call me paranoid, but I have a rule. I don’t care how legitimate you sound/look I’m not giving you my account information over the phone when you’re the one who called me. I will hang up on you then get a number I know belongs to that institution and call back inquiring as to the phone call.
Well It turns out my rule is a good one, as it was definitely a scam call seeing as how my account is paid in full and in good standing..there is literally no reason for my account to be suspended.
So, maybe it pays to be overly cautious in this day age. Because these people have become really good at spoofing phone numbers and making their calls look and sound legitimate.
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