Pitter Patter?

My Hubby has informed me today that after thinking long and hard on the matter….that he has decided he wants to have a baby! I mean he wants me to have it but…lol…well you get what I’m saying. An extraordinary feat this will be since My tubes are tied…meaning that the only way for my pregnancy to take place will be when a doctor makes a little petri dish cocktail and the does in vitro fertilization (spell?). Well I’m stoked at the possibility even though it may not happen for a few years (Some bills need to be taken care of first). I would love another little one. That has always been all that I wanted anyway…when other girls in school were daydreaming about their careers all I wanted was a family…I’m and old fashioned kinda gal I guess I get that from my mother…she always like staying at home and playing house too though the opportunity never really happened for her. Sooo Hopefully things will go the way we want and in a couple of years we can get started on our own family…we only want one…since I already have 3. I’m hoping for another boy…he wants a girl…lol. go figure.

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