New approach with my sons schooling

For those not in the know, my son attends an online free public high school, and for a while now he has been struggleing with his courses. Everytime I would check his classes to see what his progress was he would become upset and defensive (he is a teenager you know). But he also wasn’t getting the work done. So after arguing with him quite a few times He finally tells me that he feels overwhelmed by them. So I’ve decided to take a new approach with his classes in order to help him get ahead.

Every Week his teachers post a weekly checklist of what assignments must be completed. I will be checking them and then throughout each school day I will give my son his assignments for each class one class at a time. So as not to overwhelm him with too much at one time. I tried this approach for the first time today and he has actually seemed quite receptive to it. I could hear the tone in his voice when he asked me what he needed to do and I responded by only giving him his Math assignements. When he asked if there was anything else I told him just to worry about the math and let me know when he was done with it. He was quite happy with that and argument free went on to take care of his work.

Hopefully this new method will help him to succeed.

Things like these are why I’m very thankful to have the online highschool option available to my son. I was able to see the problem, identify and fix it before he got too far behind, because I’m involved in his education on a daily basis. Had he went to a brick & mortar public school I’m affraid this issue would have gone un-noticed for quite some time. The reason I initially decided to enroll him in an online highschool was because he was struggling at school so much and not able to recieve any of the one & one attention he really needed. Not all children learn in the same manner and my son appears to need more one & one time then some others. With this option availbile I’m able to help provide that to him. But he can also call, email his teachers and counseler if he needs to. So if you have a child he might be struggling or seems to do better in a one on one enviroment virutal school should definitely be considered as an option.

Advice from a parent or Things I’ve learned along the way

Communicate with your children, I don’t mean wait until they are twelve or thirteen years old to start having conversations with them. Communication starts early & children will appreciate this. My oldest is going on sixteen and I have always been open with him on various subjects.

When he was six or seven years old he asked me how babies we’re made. I told him the basic facts of sex. Nothing extreme and I didn’t mention that some people have sex simply for pleasure. I told him the cold hard biological facts. This was fine, it quashed his curiosity for a few more years and answered his question. It also let him know that He could talk to me about anything.

Fast forward a few years to when he’s fourteen years old. At fourteen my son was(and still is) very much into girls. But I knew their we’re things about sex he didn’t understand. I remember all too well what it was like at fourteen, all your friends are talking about it, and some of them are even doing it. I as parent who wants her child to be aware, decided it was time to have a talk again.

I sat down with him and we discussed things such as the consequences of having a sexual relationship, the good the bad and the ugly. Everything was laid out on the table from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy to oral sex and masturbation.

Some parent’s might ask

School Starts Soon..

You may remember that my Son is going to be attending High School online. Well today he received his Laptop & Printer, He was quite happy to have it as his computer went down a while ago, with a bad processor. They are Both from Dell. The Laptop (I can’t recall which make it is offhand) Has Windows Xp Professional On it which he’ll need for school as it has programs installed on it which he’ll use. The Printer also came with a stock of Ink. I Set up the wireless internet connection for him and Now he can access his Myspace and Youtube (A Must have in the world of a 15 yr old…lol). He’s really excited about starting school, I’m excited for him. He has an orientation on the 29th classes start the following week.

With our Rent paid for 2 months and most of the bills finally caught up we had a bit of reprieve financially. We have begun to look at ways to save money in long run. One idea we came up with is this: My current computer has a t.v. tuner and runs vista fine, so we thought what if we canceled our cable for now, since you can watch most t.v. shows online anyway. After looking around I found THIS COMPUTER, so we decided that we would get it and take my computer out to the living room and connect it to the t.v. For watching movies, and t.v. shows online.

The Systemax is a pretty good deal in my opinion and should run Ubuntu quite well. I’m sure in the future I’ll be updating the video card, maybe add a bit of storage. But it should be perfect for my uses. The only game I play is Guild Wars, and I know that will run fine on it.

Anyway this plan will save us about $100 a month so that should help out some.

Online High School For My Son

Currently My son is in 8th grade. When we first moved to our current home, we had 2 choices on the middle school we could send him too. One which is in our district and a second which is outside of our district. We choose the out of district school, due to it basically being a better school. They provide school bus transportation and all has been well for the past 2 years.

Next year he’ll be in high school, and due too limited space we we’re unable to get him into the high school of the same district. So I began looking for alternatives, as the district we live in (well just happen to fall just shy of the wrong side of the district border), isn’t the greatest school. What I discovered was the Insight School of Washington. It’s online public high school, and there is no tuition for us to pay. They also provide each student with a laptop and printer. The school has a HUGE course catalogue, and allow my husband and I to be very involved in his education, something I really like. He’ll have a learning team which consists of His teachers, counselor and an imentor. An imentor is a person that both parents and student can go to with questions, suggestions and basically works with the entire family. He will attend classroom sessions online but he’ll also have other assignments which he’ll do on his own time. The school set’s up field trips and gatherings for the students and they also have student clubs, as well as dances (so yes there is a prom), and a graduation ceremony. Students are still eligible for extra-curricular activities in the home school district, so my boy can still do football and wrestling.

I think the biggest question most people have about an online school is “what about the social aspect of going to school??” well in my opinion, traditional school is great for younger children. Younger children definitely need to experience the kind of environment that traditional school provides socially. My Son has plenty of friends with whom he already doesn’t go to the same school with. Some he met here in our apartment complex, others he’s met in places like the mall, or skating rink(a favorite Friday night hangout). I believe at this point in his life it would be a good time to begin focusing on teaching him some self-reliance and self-motivating skills. He is 15, and next year he’ll be old enough to get a job, I’m sure he’ll make more friends that way as well. But as I said there are plenty of ways for him to be social with his schoolmates they provide Lot’s of opportunity for student interaction.

He’s very excited about attending his new high school, heck I’m excited for him. I wish they would have had this kind of program when I was in school, chances are if they had I would have graduated.

If anyone is interested you can see an overview of how the classes work, by going HERE

Kenzie’s First Day

Well Kenzie Started His new school today and he seems have really liked it. Seems we didn’t miss out on wrestling either as this school’s wrestling program doesn’t begin until the end of January, so he’ll be able to wrestle after all. He’s also going to go out for football next year. There is online grade access but I’ll have to call the school and get a pin number and password so I can access it. At this school there is a foreign language sampler class he takes also where he’ll be learning about spanish for now. There will be other Lanquages too though we’re not sure what they are yet.

The Other day Kenzie said he had something he wanted to talk to us about, and it turns out he’s been thinking about adoption for a while, as he asked Mark to adopt him. It caught us both off gaurd but Mark was happy about it, and I suppose after the holiday’s we’re going to check on it and see what all that will entail. It seems things are going quit well in our little family and we couldn’t be happier about it. We love having Kenzie here and are glad that he’s so happy to be here.

Multiply my blues

Kenzie is having a pretty hard time with math, we


This week Kenzie Learned 6 new words, because it was his first week we did miss a day or two however here are this weeks words.

  • Rotisserie
  • Genre
  • Specific
  • Paraphrase
  • Incinerate
  • Hycinth

UPDATE: On his Quiz Kenzie Spelled all but Genre Correctly But he did get all the definitions right. I

Missing My Kids

These are my kids, and I miss them dearly since they

Pitter Patter?

My Hubby has informed me today that after thinking long and hard on the matter….that he has decided he wants to have a baby! I mean he wants me to have it but…lol…well you get what I’m saying. An extraordinary feat this will be since My tubes are tied…meaning that the only way for my pregnancy to take place will be when a doctor makes a little petri dish cocktail and the does in vitro fertilization (spell?). Well I’m stoked at the possibility even though it may not happen for a few years (Some bills need to be taken care of first). I would love another little one. That has always been all that I wanted anyway…when other girls in school were daydreaming about their careers all I wanted was a family…I’m and old fashioned kinda gal I guess I get that from my mother…she always like staying at home and playing house too though the opportunity never really happened for her. Sooo Hopefully things will go the way we want and in a couple of years we can get started on our own family…we only want one…since I already have 3. I’m hoping for another boy…he wants a girl…lol. go figure.