My Joye Ego

Well I ordered and electronic cigarette, it’s called the Joye ego. I ordered it on August 11th and received it today on August 16th. It’s definitely different from smoking a regular cigarette. At first there was a slight taste of metal, but cleaned the atomizers in 99% isopropyl alcohol and dried them by hanging them on the front of my desktop fan, and that seemed to make the metal taste go away. I definitely think I’ll be trying different flavors as the ones the starter kit came with just don’t have the “right” taste for me. But everyone is different. The folks over at E-Cigarette Forum have given me quite a lot of good advice. I’ve been advised to try getting some empty cartridges and filling it with juice myself, and to also try to different flavors, so I will.

There is a real difference in the feel between dragging on a cigarette and an e-cig but it has already helped me cut way down on smoking just this first day. Hopefully my experience will get even better with different flavors. I’ll update more later on the subject.

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