We are the 99%

So after lot’s of reading I’ve come to the decision that We the %99 have a right to be angry. My mom always told me if I worked hard things would be ok.

Well I worked hard at my minimum wage job and my husband worked hard as an aerospace machinist and yet here I sit 35 years old(soon to be 36) living at my mom’s house.

6 years ago We filed bankruptcy due to medical bills. My husbands job didn’t provide dependent insurance. I got sick I have graves disease which has debilitated me. He finally got another job with insurance and I was able to go to the doctor. Then He got laid off, We were told he made too much money to get medical assistance because you know we were living the high life on unemployment. For 2 years he looked for work with nothing, There were occasional interviews but they always went with some other prospect normally telling him he didn’t have the experience they were looking for.

We lived in Washington state, the cost of living is pretty high there and rent for our 2 bedroom apartment was $947.00 a month, we didn’t have cable we gave that up a long time ago, we also didn’t have a phone though we kept a pre-paid cell for emergencies. We also had to pay our own water, sewer, and trash, along side the electric bill and buying groceries for us and our kid. Our lease was coming up and the cheapest option they were offering was $1012.00 a month.

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12 years ago

U better get writing kiddo.. tell you what, make it 200 new words and we will link them here. U are not alone, (I'm not in this boat except the health insurance part and my wife being fired after 18 years of incredible service to her company (Nursing home).. but.. I know any wave can come by and tear our vessel to shreds) I know you know of us @Xfilespoker on Twitter http://www.occupywallstreetphotography.com Don't feel bad about being back home, mom probably needs/ or will need your help soon too. How we got here – Crooks cheating and stealing from… Read more »

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