I’ve starting working towards getting my G.E.D. thanks to the wonderful people over at free-ed.net. The website offers a host of free online courses, so I enrolled myself in the G.E.D.-College prep course they offer. I’m hoping to have my GED by next spring. At some point though I will be enrolling in Excel High School in order to get my high school equivalency certificate. I hear having both will make it much easier for me to get into College, which I would like to do as some point in the future.

I’m enjoying feeling productive that’s for sure, though my hand is taking quite a beating as I’m not used to all the writing any more…lol. I’m currently keeping a learning journal with hand written notes. They advise us to do so, and hand writing notes do help me with remembering what I’m learning. If anyone is intersted in persuing their G.E.D. I highly recommend signing up for free-ed’s course. It’s been very helpful to me so far.


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