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So I recently went to a new doctor and for the first time ever he didn’t even mention the idea of removing my thyroid, it was a breath of fresh air.

One of the first things I really liked about him, was that I was telling him my experiences with Methimazole and I how I felt like crap even though my levels were normal. He told the hubby and I a story about when he was in pharmacology class. He said On his second day in the class his professor said something that really bothered him. He said that they said “No Medicine Cures anything”. He said that’s what inspired him to look at ways to cure people and not just treat symptoms. Because what’s the point if we’re not trying to make people healthy?

He also said that one of the first questions he asks when he has a new patient is that if they’re sick, why? What’s causing that? Let’s figure that out and try to reverse it. Both myself and my hubby felt really good after talking with him.

He gave me us a few printouts of different treatments to look over. In no particular order they are: Ionized Oxygen Therapy, Low Dose Allergan Therapy(LDA), 3 minute chelation, Neurotransmitter Therapy, Electrolyte IV, Neural Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Sensitivity Removal Technique (SRT), and chinese Herbal Medication.

We’re waiting for bloodwork to come back to figure out where to go from there. I’m excited to be working with someone willing to try to heal my body and not just interested in managing my symptoms.

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