Sad about firefox

So for years I’ve used Firefox as my browser of choice. However with them moving to a more chrome like interface what this means is that a lot of the plugins I used to customize firefox will no longer work. I could switch to a browser like pale moon, but that last I used it, it wasn’t what I wanted either. Plus I hear it has some security issues. So I guess for now I’ll start using chrome again. Once Vivaldi get bookmark and setting sync I may consider switching to it.

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Al More
Al More
4 years ago

I can’t even remember how far back I was on Firefox. And resisted changing allegiance to Chrome. But can’t do it any more 🙁 Firefox has literally becomes uselessly sluggish on my six year old work laptop and my two years old Windows tablet; both of which can handle MS Office and Chrome superbly. I hate the touchy-feely-Chrome. I ain’t planning a conspiracy or bomb making ideas or padeo-thingies (yuch) … I simply dislike the idea of somebody tracking my every movement and building my online biography. And no matter what anybody tries to tell me about priavy enhancing techniques… Read more »

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