Accounting Class is tough

Money & Coins Clipart
Money & Coins Clipart

So this semester one of my classes is accounting. It’s been a pretty tough class for me, but I’m persevering. I honestly found the textbook confusing, luckily I managed to find some tutorial videos on YouTube which really helped me to better grasp the main concept. I think part of what makes it more difficult for me is with my Graves disease it can be hard for me to remember things sometimes, so I’ve sort of struggled with remember things like which types of accounts are expenses or liabilities etc. I spent pretty much all day yesterday doing accounting schoolwork. It was tough, but I pushed through and managed to get A’s on them so at least my hard work is paying off. I think if I would’ve known how much work it was gonna be for me I would’ve taken the class on campus where I could’ve had direct access to a teacher, but I suppose it’s too late for that now. Anyway, I’m gonna just keep pushing and thankfully have Mark to help me with this stuff.

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