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Installed Karmic

So I installed Kubuntu 9.10 RC and it is definitely beautiful. The font’s look quite nice, and everything just feels smooth. I didn’t have any of the sound issues which occurred with jaunty so all my sound was working out of the box! As far as differences go, here are a few improvments:

  1. In 9.04 firefox and other GTK applications, just looked like GTK applications, however in 9.10 even firefox looks beautiful, I’m assuming that means that gtk-qtcurve has been updated in some manner.
  2. Speaking of firefox, Kubuntu Karmic now sports a new Firefox installer and it did make things a whole lot easier.
  3. Kopete now supports facebook which in my opinion is a plus
  4. Karmic feels faster and I suppose that’s because I’m now using the ext4 file system which is the default setting.

Overall I would have to say that Kubuntu Karmic just feels nicer, It’s not clunky or resource consuming and my overall feeling of it is one of comfort.


Time to upgrade

Well I couldn’t wait anymore with the release of Of Kubuntu 9.10 RC I decided to try an upgrade. Currently the upgrade is running (downloading packages). Before I attempted the upgrade I backed everything and burned a copy of the RC to disk. So worse case scenario I have to re-install so we’ll see I guess how it goes.


Switching from Ubuntu to Kubuntu

After having installed KDE 4.3 on my ubuntu installation and really enjoying using it, I decided I wanted the full Ubuntu/KDE experience. So I decided to wipe my Ubuntu installation and install Kubuntu 9.04. It turns out the switch wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There we’re definitely a few stumbling blocks along the way.

First I couldn’t get tomboy notes to work. I’m aware that KDE offers Basket Notepad but I really prefer Tomboy. I love the wiki style and simplicity of it. I could install it fine but attempting to launch gave me errors. I never did quite figure out what the issues was but I knew it was very important for me to get it working as all my installation notes we’re in tomboy which I sync to dropbox so I can have available to me anywhere (this is really handy as tomboy also has a windows version so I can run them back and forth). Well after much goggling I discovered it’s some kind of issue that won’t let tomboy run with out gnome. Well I thought, at the very least I can install ubuntu in virtualbox and access my notes this way. So that’s what I proceeded to do. Well I decided to have a look at the article on how to forge entitled The Perfect Desktop – Kubuntu 9.04 This article is very thorough and allowed me to get everything I needed on kubuntu without the primary use of my notes.

After following the guide and picking the software I wanted (I didn’t install all the software mentioned as I use alternatives to some of them) I then went to google to search for a way to test my browser plugins. This is when I noticed I had no sound in my browser. Flash, totem and mplayer remained silent. So off to google again. Many hours and much goggling later I discovered the reason for my sound issues was that Kubuntu does not install pulseaudio by default. So I needed to install it. So I followed the instructions found in this post. But for some reason I still had no sound. This drove me completely insane, at this point I was highly frustrated. Well somewhere in the mirad of google pages I came across a post and the reply to that post was that this person had discovered that their PCM volume was turned down and when they turned it up they had sound. So I checked my PCM volume using the mixer option available when clicking on the volume in the system tray and sure enough it was turned all the way down. Now I had sound in my browser. Flash, Mplayer totem they all worked!

Supposedly they are working on these sound issues and most of them should be fixed with the release of Karmic Koala in October. I really hope so as this is a bit complicated for anyone to fix.

I updated my KDE to 4.3 which is far superior to the KDE that ships with Kubuntu Jaunty. The widgets are great and I love using them, also I noticed that the networking widget, which refused to work under kde installed on top of ubuntu, now worked perfectly under Kubuntu. Also I no longer have annoying sounds when using gtk applications under kde this was the most annoying thing about using kde ontop of ubuntu.

I almost forgot to mention that after following the Perfect Desktop article, my tomboy notes began working. So I have installed now and running as well. From the error I was recieveing when attempting to launch it through the terminal, I know it was some kind of Mono error, though I can’t be sure what as I don’t know anything about programming.


NWN2 On Ubuntu

I’m running Neverwinter Nights 2 with wine on my new rig

  • Systemax PC
  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64×2 4400
  • RAM: 3 GB DDR2 800 (PC2-6400)
  • Display: Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS

I installed using the 7 Disk PC/CD version in order to get it working I had to use winetricks I installed the following with winetricks:

  • DirectX9 (not d3dx9 but the actual DirectX9)
  • dotnet20
  • vcrun2005
  • vcrun2005sp1

in order to update to the latest version I ran


and changed the value of


from 0 to 1

The only issue I had was that the game only recognized a resolution of 1024×768 so I had to edit

/home/angel/Neverwinter Nights 2/nwn2.ini

manually and put in my 1600×900 resolution. All this info I found at The Wine Appdb.

I hope this information helps other people.


Still Here…

It’s been crazy few weeks, my hubby is still looking for a job of course nothing yet. It sucks having to cut expenses but we’re doing th best we can. The one that I can still enjoy is Playing with My Ubuntu. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

I installed KDE 4.3, and I must say kde is really shaping up though I still think kde is much better when installed along side gnome in ubuntu. I hear there are much better kde distro’s than kubuntu but I’m not in the mood to go looking right now. I do have my Desktop looking rather sharp right now and I’m quite satisfied with it. The one thing I had trouble with is that I can’t install Quanta for some reason. Some of dependencies seem to have gone haywire in the kde upgrade.

Who knows… Anyway here’s my desktop.


Guild Wars Browser

I have several websites that I reference regularly while playing Guild War. Firefox is a great browser and I love it to death, but being on Linux, and loving to customize stuff I decided to install Epiphany and now I have it set up as my Guild wars browser. It works great as it’s light weight and doesn’t add much extra pull to the system while running my game. I made the home page the Official Guild Wars Wiki, as I use it constantly. and the only bookmarks (Outside of google) are several other Guild Wars websites which I placed as bookmarks on my toolbar. I just love customization!


Well the Upgrade is complete

Well The upgrade seems to have went fine, I’m really digging the new notifications, they are so much nicer looking than the old ones…I guess I tell the hubby to back up his stuff and try to upgrade his system as well. Response times are nice.

I did have to upgrade my xfire plugin for pidgin it was causing pidgin to crash, as well as re-installing banshee which the upgrade saw fit to remove. Everything else seems peachy scuba diving in Fiji

Guess this means I’ll have to re-gimp my forum signature…scuba diving in Fiji


Upgrade Attempt

Can’t wait for the disc any longer (I know I’m so impatient) so I’m attempting an upgrade, files are downloading as I type. I already did my backups, and I have a separate /home so I figure if any goes sour I can always re-install 8.10.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes….


Major T.V. Networks Say No To Linux!!!

It has recently come to my attention that Linux operating systems are being completely ignored by the major T.V. networks of ABC, NBC, and FOX. They are using a player for their online shows called Move Media Player. This player does not work on Linux, therefore completely alienating us as a user base.

This could be bad news for any new linux user, and add to the number preinstalled systems being returned, Lot’s of new users may not have the patience to try and install say firefox in wine, or look up other ways to get their programs, which seem to have played fine on their old windows system. If Linux is to grow it’s presence in the market this behaviour needs to be addressed.

There is currently a petition to ask them to use another player as well all Linux users should write The Networks asking them to choose another player. Here are the links below.


The Ubuntu Network

Well a few weeks ago I was messing around on the web and discovered ning . Having seen soo many threads shut down or closed in the ubuntu forums cafe because they strayed to far from the forums main agenda, I decided to give a try at creating a social networking site for Ubuntu Users. The first day a few members signed up. One person named Gary and I began chit chatting, and we really hit it off about where our interests lie in ubuntu. So together we decided we would undertake this project. That was the beginning of the Ubuntu Network . Now a few weeks later we have grown to 30 members and are still growing. It’s quite amazing the feeling the whole community has. Just a bunch of people who share a common interest who want to hang out. The website allows us to blog, discuss topics of interest in the forum, share videos, photo’s and create even smaller groups who want to discuss particular items. If anyone out there is intersted in being social with some fellow Ubuntu users feel free to come on over and join us!