Getting Started with Cord Cutting

The following is help list to get anyone started with cutting their cable T.V. cord.

Streaming T.V. Boxes:

A Streaming media box is a little box you connect to your t.v. which connects to the internet either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable to stream internet media to your television.

Busted LCD T.V.

A few years ago Mark and I bought our first LCD t.v. A 40 inch Dynex from best buy. It’s been a great t.v. and even survived the 2500+ mile car trip from Washington. But apparently it couldn’t survive a falling broomstick handle. The tip of the broom hit it and and well now it’s just screwed.

This is what I t.v. looked like after a broom handle accidently fell into it.

This is what our t.v. looked like after the broom handle accidently fell into it.

So now we have to get a new t.v. because as you can see by the picture it was not only our t.v. but a computer monitor which we used for our media center computer. It really sucks to have unexpected expenses.

Bye bye cable t.v.

So we decided to get rid of cable as a way to save money on bills, and so far, I have no complaints. In fact I would say I watch more television programming now, than I did before. Here