The Dallemagnes → May, 2007

Web Server Woes

The other day I started noticing that my web server was running non-stop causing the web perusing to become very slow. The Hubby had one page take almost 10 minutes to load. Well I couldn

To Speak

Today I spoke and you did not hear, the words that would only make the thoughts clear. How do you live with what you know, how do you keep reaping the pain you sow. I only knew that once I was lost and you were in the darkness so. The fears I felt, and words you did not say. Unbroken silence bound by years and time, thoughtless shadows help with no reason or rhyme. Can you see what is me can you let me not be free. If I wander far away does it not lead your lips to let go and just say. Hindered by the things you know seeking answers in only things that will not answer. See me, see what I have become, let go the things that cannot be undone.

Hamster Video!

I uploaded to some video of my hamster, honey, She

Mozilla Bug

I spent most of the night trying to fix a bug with Mozilla Firefox. My Copy and past suddenly stopped working, damn computers. Sooo after reading a bit I found that spyware might cause the issue. But I looked and looked and discovered I didn

Hospitals Suck!

I went to the E.R. On Wednesday because I was having chest pains, turns out I have what they call a Heart arrhythmia, this is caused by my hyperthyroidism. Luckily the arrhythmia isn

The Silmarillion

I just finished watching all 3 Lord of the Rings, again. I can’t get enough of it. I think J.R.R. Tolkien must have had a portal into my mind when he wrote about Middle-Earth, it’s the kinda of thing that just saturated my mind as a kid, and still does. I love RPG’s and have since the day’s of Paper D&D (yes I know “what a nerd”