Sinta Kitty Eating a Popsicle.

Sinta Loves Strawberry Fruit bars, he will beg for them whenever I have one…..crazy cat loving strawberry fruit bars…lol

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Woodland Park Zoo 07-08-2007

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All Around Seattle 06-28-2007

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My Hamster Honey – 05-16 -2007

Sinta & Mark playing

My husband playing with our kitten.

My Baby Girl Singing


Brianna singing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

My amazingly talented daughters.


Wynter & Brianna performing an original song of theirs.

Jaelynn 12-22-2012

Some Video of Jaelynn taken on December 22, 2012

Jaelynns Baby Shower 07-08-2012

This is the baby shower we held for my niece Jaelynn July 8, 2012. In my family we have a tradition of waiting until after the baby is born to have the shower so that everyone can see the new addition.

Jaelynn 6 weeks old


My niece Jaelynn at 6 weeks