Doctors, Doctors, Doctors….

So one Painful MRI, and several Doctors visits later, I Now I know exactly what I already assumed the issue with my back to be. Money in the pockets of the doctors all so they can tell me what I already Knew(insert frustrated sigh here).

Well for those who don’t know I suffer with grave’s disease, it’s an auto immune disorder, which I’ve been fighting for a couple of years now, This particular disorder runs in my family my mother has it, and my grandmother had it as well. I have had it for a little over a year and didn’t know it because we had no insurance, so I My condition rapidly deteriorated due to lack of treatment. As of right now I can’t walk very well due to pain in my back, caused by a combination of severe muscle deterioration and The weight which I too rapidly gained once they began treating my condition. The Orthopedic doctor told me today I have what’s called Lumbar strain, and swelling in and around my lower spine. So Thursday I’m to go in and get epidural steroid shots then I’m to start Physical therapy.

I don’t intend on being overweight forever, and before this disease I wasn’t. I’m far too young at 33 to feel like this and damn it I want to be able to run and walk again. So I’ve set up some goals for myself

  1. Quit Smoking (This is the hardest to be sure because to be honest I don’t want to quit I really enjoy smoking but I know I need to quit so I’m going to)
  2. Start & Continue with Physical Therapy
  3. A complete re-hash of my diet, learning to eat better is just a good idea all the way around

Not many goals at the moment but that’s ok you have to start small in my opinion.

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