The new place & life in general..

So we’ve been in our new place for a few weeks now & I’m loving it. We still have some things we need though such as more furniture and few small kitchen appliances. It’s been odd getting used to living without a microwave especially where leftovers are concerned. It can be daunting to know that in order to heat up last nights dinner you have to get everything back on the stove. But I also think it’s been good for us because we have discovered some great recipes and I’m really enjoying cooking again. I’m also enjoying the new diet still, being in our our own place again makes it so much easier to keep to our organic diet, I’m loving filling

We Joined

We Joined a BF2 Clan called special operations brigade, they are really kewl guys. They were in need of a website so I made one for them. The server is fun server.

We couldn


Ozzfest is next month, and in case you hadn