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Seems trump is finally learning what checks & balances are


About Ajit Pai (the new FCC Chair)

So I just read this article

I knew I was going to be scared of what happened to Net Neutrality coming into this administration, but already I’m seeing the signs of it being dismantled. We’re slowly but surly being herded into accepting our ISP overlords. All data is equal and should be treated equal. It’s a farce to believe otherwise. Data is not like water, the well doesn’t run dry with bandwidth….I’ll have to think on this for a bit and post more later….

New Blog Design

So I decided it was also time for a change of look on the blog, and I spent some time working up a new design. If you happen to be passing by let me know if you like it smile

Taking back my blog

For far too long I’ve been derelict in my duties as a blog owner. I became lazy and complacent and allowed my blog to become a collection of my social media postings instead of what it should have been. A blog is place to share your thoughts and ideas. It’s meant for more that 140 word tweets, and mindless re-sharing of other peoples posts. So Today I’m taking back my blog. I’m going to start posting my thoughts and feelings once again. I’ll be sharing my tutorials and anything else that comes to mind because that is what my blog should have been all along.

Graduated Finally!!!

So I worked hard and it paid off I finally graduated!!!