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Kenzie & Sinta Boxing

Sinta swimming

We’re not sure why he does this but it’s adorable

Sinta & Kenzie messing around

Sinta chasing a laser pointer

Just some video of our kitty chasing a laser pointer

Sinta Kitty Eating a Popsicle.

Sinta Loves Strawberry Fruit bars, he will beg for them whenever I have one…..crazy cat loving strawberry fruit bars…lol

Sinta Chasing Light

Mark’s Phone was making a reflection on the wall and Sinta worked really hard at trying to catch it.

Sinta Stuck his head in a Kleenex Box

We were watching T.V. then all the sudden we discovered not only had Sinta found an empty Kleenex box but he had stuck his head in it & become stuck…lol

The history of the Universe Made Easy

This is a really good collection of videos that explains scientific concepts very simply. The user who created them has his channel here which is filled with other informative videos beyond the ones in the playlist.

Sinta playing with a homemade forage toy

Kittens love to try to fish things out of small places. So I Made mine a forage box.

Sinta & Mark playing

My husband playing with our kitten.