On November 7, 2022 at 10:11 AM Angel said…

The Joy’s of home ownership…..

So our main sewer line has been backing up when we flush the toilet…had a plumber out today and discovered that our pipe is broken. So they’re going to have to come out, dig up the basement and replace the pipe. This is on top of the fact that our roof needs replaced…luckily insurance is covering that because it was damaged due to storms…but man when it rains it pours…no pun intended. I’m just hoping that after we get all this taken care of we get a reprieve for a while and nothing else goes wrong…because this stuff isn’t cheap.

In other news Kenzie started his new job today. I hope it goes well for him, this is his first full time 40 hour a week job and he was a bit nervous about it. But I’m sure he’s going to be fine.