Diet Change Status

So my diet change is going rather well, I’ve been at it for almost 4 weeks now and I’ve lost 10lbs. I’m really enjoying finding better ways to eat and experimenting with new things. Don’t get me wrong there have been a few folly’s though. I bought these so called chewy cereal bars, and yes they were chewy but damn they tasted like sawdust. I also tried these veggie crunchers and YUCK!! That said though I have found a ton of good stuff. I’m really enjoying having more fruits in my diet, I put strawberry’s on or in anything I can and I eat more banana’s as well as apple’s. Things are going pretty well and so far I’m very happy with my decisions, I’ll post more on this later as I progress… 馃檪


Current state of Health

So I never did go see an endocrinologist, the doctors office never got back to on the referral and to be honest I didn’t push it because I well I wasn’t that interested in hearing what they would have to say. I DO NOT want to have my thyroid gotten rid of.


Organic Groceries right to my doorstep!

I’m excited, I just discovered an organic store that will deliver fresh fruits and vegetables right to my front door 馃檪

I’m definitely going to be checking them out.


Menu changes going well

So yesterday I believe I did pretty well. Here’s what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast
    • granola bar
    • banana
    • plain organic oatmeal with real blueberries
  • Lunch
    • Vanilla Yogurt with real strawberries (this was really good and satisfied my sweet tooth as well)
  • Dinner

The beauty of this new lifestyle is I can eat a lot of food if I’m that hungry & there is no guilt involved because all the food I’m eating is all natural and healthy for me. the secret to remember is that your intake of fruits and vegetables should be higher than your intake of dairy, meats and grains. But you don’t have to cut those out completely. I have however cut out adding extra salt as well as extra sugars. I of course have cut out processed foods which means no takeout (say goodbye to pizza and takeout). But that’s ok because I’m worth it and want to be healthy!


Making a Healthier Me

Lately I have become increasingly concerned with my own health, as such I have decided that I need to rethink the way I approach food. So, with much thanks to my husband Mark, I have begun to eat more High nutrient foods. More fruits and more vegetables, meat & dairy are not off the menu however I will be eating less of them and more of the other items. I’m also working on weaning myself from my (what I like to call) mountain dew i.v. drip.