So much has happened!

Daily Life Clipart
Daily Life Clipart

So, it’s been a while since I posted, but in that time so much has happened for us. I finally earned my Associates degree (YAY), Then I started working for home…which I’m thrilled with. It was hard for us with me having to go into the office because poor Mark was sacrificing his lunch breaks to drive home and take me to work. Now that I’m working at home that’s obviously no longer an issue.

We bought a house!!! My cousin is a real estate agent and she helped so much, I honestly don’t think we could have done it without her. But we found a nice 1200 sq ft. 1 bathroom, 2 bedroom, 2 car garage with basement that is perfect for us and we both adore it. I also finally got my drivers license again. I didn’t have it for a really long time due to being sick, but no more! I’m finally driving again! Speaking of driving, we now have a new car. I mean we had a brand new one we bought right before the Pandemic started, but then a week after we moved into our new house (The End of October, 2021), the front driver side axel broke! Well as luck would have it, we were just at the point where the dealer was ready to offer us a trade in. So we took them up on it and and now have a 2022 Chevy Trax. It’s a nice car and we both enjoy driving it.  So a new car and a new house within two weeks of one another.

Thanksgiving was good, My Parents, Sister, 2 Nephews and a Niece came over and I made a big spread. We all feasted and just enjoyed each other’s company. Then at the beginning of December we got the call that Mark’s Dad had been hospitalized with Aggressive Lung Cancer, and on the 8th he passed away. It was indeed a difficult time. Also I worked on both Christmas & New Years, so we didn’t do much for those between my working and losing his father.

Since then things have seemed to calm down and nothing truly exciting has happened. Mark’s Mom is moving down here from Syracuse New York to be near us at the end of April and we’ll be seeing My brother & sister-in-law for the first time in over 12 years or so. We’re looking forward to that.

We have plenty of plans for the summer, like building a patio area in our backyard with a barbecue pit and picnic/grill area.  So I’ll probably be posting about that, but that’s pretty much everything that’s happened recently. Anway…until next time!

On October 13, 2021 at 9:21 PM Angel said…

It’s official Mark and I are finally home owners!!!

Bed in a bag

My bed in a bag finally arrived yesterday! I decided to go with neutral colors because well they go with So here it is

Got my new bed!

I finally got my new bed, well at least a part of it. We ordered a platform and for now it just has the air mattress sitting on it until we can get the actual mattress. But having just the platform has made a world of diffrence to my back. When we moved we left pretty much all our furniture behind so we’re starting over but I guess it will be ok. It’s a chance to get new stuff, but it’s just a slow and painful process.

Ordered a New Bed

I’m excited because I’m getting a new bed…for now we’ve been sleeping on an air