Been Busy

Haven’t been on in soooo long I thought I would drop a line. Getting Married is headache I don’t mean the actual getting Married part I mean the setting it all up part. Which is nuts because a Justice of the peace ceremony is supposed to be easy! Let me fill you in.

  1. Month One week 2: Proposal takes place and decision for small quiet ceremony is made.
  2. Month One week 4: Friends and family are informed of the intention to get married every one says they are happy for us.
  3. Month 2 week 2: First date is chosen for September 10th and then friends and family are informed of date father of the groom requests that we wait due to his untimely busy season at work causing him to work weekends and 12 hour shifts. Date is changed to September 25th.
  4. Month 2 week 3: Groom and his best man who is brother have fight causing the best man to say he will not attend the wedding until Groom apologizes. Groom refuses to apologizes and is forced to ask father to stand in. Date is changed again due to friend with camcorder not being available on said date of September 25. New Date September 26th.
  5. Month 2 Week 4: Marriage license acquired. Groom and Bride informed that some of the Justice of Peace People are on vacation therefore the date of September 26 must be moved to October 1st. Bride Cries due to wedding jitters causing groom to become nervous the next day they apologize and everything is ok
  6. Month 3 week 1: While picking up wedding dress Bride is informed that there was a mistake and the seamstress accidentally ordered the wrong pattern For the For the alterations therefore she must return in a week for the dress. BONUS BRIDE and GROOM RECEIVE $100 DISCOUNT FOR MISTAKE.
  7. Month 3 week 2: One week before the wedding and Bride almost has nervous breakdown. Begs groom to take off and get married in Vegas with her. Groom calms Bride and then takes her to dinner. Brides Mother informs bride that The grandmothers “Brooch” is on it’s way making bride feel like at least something is finally going right.

Soo thats why I’ve not been on lately…lol.

For Gram

Hey Big Brother Here’s something I wrote when I lost my grandfather I hope it makes you Feel at least a little Better with Everything thats going on Right Now I’m sure it’s not easy.

I went and saw you today, and I was not sure what to say. I felt so hurt but the quietness of your life held my words at bay.

I cried as we all did, and said a silent prayer that the gods would take your pain. But then I realized they had everything to gain.

They’ll have your smile and the jokes that you tell, the stories and the memories that only you know so well.

The kindness in your heart we always new was there in the little things you said and did just to show you cared.

My heart aches from knowing we will miss you but then I guess the reasons the gods have for wanting you are just as good as ours, and in the end we know your better off.

The gods are who made you, so now they can enjoy what we Have had for so many years.

Angela Stover

Luv ya Gram Mark and I are here if you need us.

A Moment From Highlander

Hello Everyone, This is Mark (Angel


A Conversation that happened in the shoutcast forums between myself and a few others. But before I damper the effect of the story with my own opinions read for yourself:

New Webcasters Association Website For DJ’s & Station Owners
As An Internet Radio DeeJay Myself I Soon Found That Finding Resources And Information That I Needed On The Web All In One Place Were Hard To Come By. So I decided To Make A Place Were We Could Congregate And Exchange Ideas, Information, Downloads, Airplay Plugs..etc…etc..etc.

I Also Noticed That There were scattered little groups all about the place of Webcasters & DJ’s Working Hard To Fight The Good Fight Against The Corporate Take-Over Of The Music We All Love So Much. So In The Hopes Of Presenting A United Front To The Money Takers Of Our Time, I Present You With What I Believe To Be The First Attempt At Uniting Us In The Step Towards A More Liberated World of Our Generation


Major Dude

am I the only one that got a headache after reading one sentence and had to stop?


Not saying a word.

Except for thats a lot of unformatted text, and how long did it take to capitalize every word?


You know I’m just trying to do something nice, because I love music. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who did. Sorry about the caps its A habit.

sounds like a cheap copy of the winamp forums to me

And no I Aim For This To Be More Then Forums. I am Hoping To Find A Crossroads Between Links To All The Diffrent Broadcasting Tools(Not Just One Companys). I Also Would Like To Provide User Submitted Downloads. And The Forums Are Open To Bands (Whom btw have been looking for more stationsshows to be aired on). As Well as Pushing the idea of switching Plugs between the different shows and stations. So Yes you could say my idea was inspired by winamp if you like, but to be honest with you it more inspired by the work relationships I have with the stations that broadcast my show and the shows that I do swap airtime with.
I Am Hoping to get away for the heavy moderations of these forums(Not That Winamps Forums Are A Bad Thing). Its Just that They Mainly Focus on These Products. So now maybe you can understand where I’m going with this. To finish my post former post. is a place were station owners, djs, and bands can gather.

All I Have to say is F**K OFF YOU GOD D**N MOTHER F***ERS !!!

see what happens when you try to do something nice!

Vampires It is

Soo Now I


The Doc Called And I Have Great News

If Its Not One Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I just found that my website has been Hacked GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Yet again I’m going to have to start from scratch. This really pisses me off I had just begun to get alot of new users and I have no way to trasfer the accounts because of the hack UGH!!! Well at least I found some security measures I can take to make sure it doesn’t happen again AND HOPEFULLY I WON’T HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN ( FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED). Ok I gues I’m gonna get to work fixing it and stop ranting.

Can’t Sleep

I have been awake since 9:00 A.M. & Right Now Its going on Midnight and I’m in pain so I can’t sleep I even took a perkoset & No good. However the upside to this is (and to keep myself from being miserable I have to think of something) is that Mark & I have been reading a book together. It’s “The Vampire Lestat” By Anne Rice I have never read any of her books before. In case you don’t know It’s the sequel to “Interview with a Vampire”, this far it has turned out to be a pretty good book and I’m already planning on buying the others in the series. So now that I’m not so dopey let me tell you what I remember from being in surgery. The First thing is that the anesthesiologist And Doctor come in the operating room and The anesthesiologist asks me where I’m from ( I get that alot, as it seems I seem to have an accent to these northwesterners) and I tell him Ohio and wouldn’t you know it so is he…lol. For some reason anesthesiologist feel the need to be sneaky and while I’m talking to he and the doctor laying on the tabel he slips the anesthesia into my iv and then I say well Iguess I’m gonna get sleepy now and the next thing I know I’m waking up crying in recovery. Not sure why but for some reason anesthesia always seems to make me cry? The Nurse says thats perfectly normal and that it happens to alot of people. So anyway thats all I can think of to say right now Sooooooooo I’ll catch up later. Angel

Surgery Is Over YAY!!

So I Had The Surgery Today and just as I said it would IT SUCKED!!! I hate waking up from the anesthetic I always cry. I found myself crying for my son and Mark when I woke. And My legs were sore as hell from being in stirups. But the good news is they got it all as far as we know I’ll find out for sure when I go back for my follow up appointment. Mark is so good to me he has been taking good care since I got out of the hospital. And right now I’m dopey from the drugs still so if my spelling sucks I’m sorry…lol. but Anywho I’m gonna run and lay down. Byeeeeeee. Angel